Monday, August 9, 2010


We are down to single digits left til we see Pumpkin- 8 weeks left!!! We are so excited! I think we are all ready for this little one. Of course there will always be a need for diapers and formula. I have decided after 2 unsuccessful attempts at breastfeeding, this time we are just doing formula. It breaks my heart and is something I would give almost anything to be able to do. With Jacob, my doctor gave me a prescription to really bring my milk in and I was taking Fenugreek- an herbal supplement. Well, I got 1 to 1 and a half oz every 3 hours altogether. We plugged along, Jacob and I, for 3 weeks and then I stopped. I wasn't getting nearly what he needed. It's a hard fact for me but my boobs just don't work. My friend told me you have to be fat to breastfeed and I'm too skinny. I laughed! Trust me, I eat plenty. Ryan eats so much better than me. These are just a few of the cute things for Pumpkin we have. Yes, girls are so much more expensive than boys. I have tried to be good.

My sisters and sister in law all chipped in and got Pumpkin this beautiful, soft blanket. We love it! They also got us a hooded towel, washcloths, and some receiving blankets. Thanks ladies!

My mom found this adorable dress for Pumpkin. She also found a stellar deal on long sleeve onesies that we really needed. Clothes was the one worry of mine with this one. But after what my mom found, Lyndsay gave us, and Julie and Cindi are letting us borrow we are set. We are so blessed- thanks!!

I found a great deal on these flower clips on etsy- $1.10 each. I couldn't resist.

Wendi made these cute flowers for Pumpkin- Thanks Wendi!

This is Pumpkin's crib sheet set. I really want to pull it out but I know I won't be able to put it all back in the bag. I wasn't planning on purple as her color, even though I love purple, but I found this set and fell in love with it.

This is prego me at 32 weeks. I had just got home from the track and walking. It's not a great picture but I wanted to get one of my belly. She popped out more last week.

Pumpkin at 25 weeks- I forgot to post this picture so here it is now. We are so blessed to have this little girl bless our family. We can't wait to see her and see who she looks like more- Dallin with olive skin or Jacob with red hair.

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Amy said...

Yes, girls are so much fun but dang expensive. Looks like you are all set!