Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dallin Gary

Our Dallin Gary will be 5 years old in a week- I can't believe that! I still hold him and give him kisses all the times. He just squeals with laughter when I catch him and give him loves. He is a very tender hearted, loving boy. He loves learning, loves going to preschool and primary, loves being outside, loves being Daddy's helper, and loves his brother and sisters! We love him so very much!

Dallin is such a good big brother I found him giving Jacob bites of yogurt. He's my big helper too!! That will be nice when his sister comes along.

Dallin was so proud of his tower of blocks he built.

We love you Dallin Gary!!

Dallin had a blast fishing and feeding the ducks too. He loved spending time with Grandpa!!

Dallin loves to color. He usually just scribbles and draws lines. The other day he drew this and told me it was him. I was very impressed on how he is improving. He then drew a big daddy, a little Hannah, and a Jacob. My dallin sure is growing up!

Dallin was sick a few weeks ago. He wanted to watch cartoons on my bed so we got his blankets and everything. Jacob soon joined him and wanted to be just like Dallin. These brothers are so cute to watch each other. They love each other!!

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Wendi and Matt said...

Love the updates!!!! I love the boys bass shirts too their cute! Love the pictures Love ya lots!