Friday, January 20, 2012

Food Storage

I am so proud of our families effort this last year. Our goal for 2011 was to really work on our food storage. We had a little to start with but not much. We took our tax money and put that towards our food storage. We watched prices and did lots at the cannery and went to Walmart and Sams Club. We reached our goal of a 6 month supply for 5 adults. We probably have about a 7 month supply now. I am now working on recipes and learning all about rotating food so we can keep our food storage up to date. Our goal for 2012 is to keep up our 6 month supply and I want to learn all about canning so what we grow in our garden we can use down the road. Another goal for 2012, is to move onto step 4 of the Dave Ramsey plan. I love Dave Ramsey!! We have his book if anyone wants to borrow it- thanks Mark. You gotta love those New Year's Resolution. I try really hard to keep mine these days.

I am also proud of our shelves. Most of these items were bought with coupons!!! I LOVE couponing. I look forward to when the ads come out and I see what I can get a good deal on. You can't beat 75 cents to $1. 30 for a box of cereal. And you can't beat 50 cents per box of fruit by the foot and fruit snacks. Couponing has been a fun hobby for both Ryan and I. He usually helps me clip the coupons and is always amazed at what I can do at the stores. I LOVE Safeway these days!!! Hopefully I keep the enthusiasm for couponing this year also!!!