Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

My little tiger!! He is just getting over a cold and still has a runny nose. He was a little grumpy. Poor guy!!

Dallin as a tiger, Kennedy as a cute cat, Hadlee as Boo from Monsters, Mason as a lion, Carter as a dragon, and Drew as an elephant.

Ryan and Dallin ready to go.

Trick or treat!! Where's all the candy??!!!

We had a blast going trick or treating with the Christensen family. Most of Dallin's cousins were there. It was fun to see all of the kids dressed up. Can you find our little tiger??!!


Amy Amann said...

Love the earings! We had so much fun on Halloween with you guys. Next year we are going to chill at Mom and Dad's longer and trick or treat their whole street. Our neighborhood was pretty quiet this year, boring!

Lyman Family said...

Dallin is the cutest tiger. Halloween is so fun with kids I think I am just as excited as my kids are every year.

jkump1 said...

I really love the picture of all the cousins on the couch. That is something they can look back on years from now!

Wendi Christensen said...

soo cute kimmie! dallan was very very adorable! u should dress him for xmas..luv ya

Julie Jan said...

Such fun! I can't believe how many little grandkids we have. What a great picture of all of them.