Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Fun Dallin

One of Dallin's favorite things to play with is our basket. I know if I move it he will still find it. It's so much fun to play with the wipes and burp rags in it.

By our bathroom there was a little carpet string and of course Dallin found it. It gets longer and longer each day with each pull and tug. We need to replace our carpet so we don't care if he keeps playing with it.

One day my dad's hat will fit me!!

Dallin has found our tree a couple of times. He loves to pull the grass out. My favorite part is watching him still try to watch his Einstein movies.

Ever since Dallin has learned to crawl his bouncer has been the first place he goes when he gets down. He loves straps and always finds them. Now he stands up on his feet while holding onto the bouncer. I always make his sit down so he doesn't fall.

Our little Dallin is so much fun!! He is now really active and loves to crawl. I love it how he likes to follow me everywhere now. He has gotten a cute personality and is our free entertainment!!! We love him so much!!


Amy Amann said...

We had so much fun playing yesterday. Dallin is growing up so fast. I hate cleaning up the fake grass in the tree. Drew likes to eat it and then throw it up. Have fun with that curious little boy!

momalamode said...

Hey Kim, Your blog is such a delight! I love watching Dallin grow up "virtually". Fun stuff! I will be in the valley the week of Thanksgiving, maybe we can get together...