Saturday, November 17, 2007

Franklin North East

This afternoon Dallin and I went to Franklin's Fall Festival. Ryan was hunting and took the camera so I don't have any pictures. It was really fun to see all of my kids, teachers, and parents. I got about 5 feet there and 5 girls came running toward me wanting to give me hugs and see Dallin. I love all my kids!!! It was so nice to see them all! I even got hugs from my kids that I taught my first year. I had to laugh when I got a hug from Brighton. I taught him my first year. Back then, he was almost as tall as me. I told him he couldn't go to 5th grade if he was taller than me. I still let him go to 5th grade. But this afternoon, my head went to his shoulder. Man has he eaten his wheaties. I told him in 4th grade he needed to stop eating them. His mom told me one day while they were at the store he wanted to buy some because he wanted to be taller than me. My kids make me smile!! I love teaching and all my kids but I wouldn't change my life today for anything!

I am so proud of Franklin North East. This last summer they were 1 of 4 schools in Arizona that was awarded the Blue Ribbon Award. My principal and a teacher went to Washington to get the award from the president. Wow!! Way to go Franklin. I am proud to be apart of Franklin and to be a part of the award!!!

PS Ryan didn't get a deer. Bambi lived!!!

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