Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our Dallin

Isn't Dallin so precious! He woke up early from a nap and I put him in his swing so I could make his bottle. When I came back he was rubbing his eyes with the blanket and soon fell asleep. He now likes to rub the blanket over his eyes when he gets tired. It is so cute to watch!!

Dallin posed for this picture and then we put it on a shirt for Ryan for Father's Day. Ryan loved the shirt! He wanted to wear it to church with a tie but I had to tell him no! Love ya honey!

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Amy Amann said...

Drew is exactly the same way as Dallin except he doesn't like to be swaddled but he has to have a blanket on him and on his face to be able to fall asleep. He even rubs his face with the blanket. I did come across a swaddle blanket in the Parent's magazine yesterday that is suppose to be light weight and perfect for the summer. I will find you it and email it to you!