Saturday, November 20, 2010

2 months

Today Hannah is 2 months. She is such a sweet girl and is already our Princess. Dallin has even started to call her Princess too. She has started to give us big smiles and Ryan can even get her to laugh. It is so fun to watch her with the boys. Sometimes the boys won't leave her side and she just watches them. I'm sure she can't wait to play with them. The last 3 days she has slept through the night- YEAH!!! Now I need to sleep better and Jacob's molars need to come in faster so he sleeps better. Overall, this little princess has changed our family and we are so blessed she is in it. We love you Hannah so very much!

Big smiles that I love!!

Sometimes for tummy time she will just chill there and be content.

Our 3 cute kiddos!

Hannah loves to watch her bouncer. She usually smiles when I start the lights and music.

Hannah is a good girl and loves to watch the world.

Jacob loves Hannah!

Dallin loves Hannah!


Christa Johnson said...

Wow! She can't be THAT old!!! And I still have her hairbows at my house... email me your adress and I will actually get them in the mail.........for real!!!
Love you guys and you have a BEAUTIFUL smiley girl!!!!

Wendi and Matt said...

Love you Hannah!