Monday, July 2, 2007

My Dad

As you can see, Dallin loves being with his dad. Ryan had just finished feeding Dallin and I came back into the room and this is how I found them. Both sound asleep. Dallin also liked helping Ryan clean out the car. We weren't planning on Dallin swimming but when I put his feet in he was fine. So, Ryan took him and Dallin went swimming for the first time. That's why Dallin still has his clothes on. They both loved it! Ryan is such an amazing dad. Everytime Ryan comes home or walks into the room all he has to do is talk to Dallin. Dallin's face lights up and he always gets the biggest smile. It's so cute. They just have a bond and I love watching both of them. If Ryan had it his way, he would sleep right next to Dallin in his crib. I love how everynight before he goes to sleep he has to go in to check on Dallin one more time. Thanks for being a superb dad. We both love you so much!!

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Julie Jan said...

I love the picture of Dallin sitting in the car with Ryan..too cute! I can't belive you threw him in with his clothes on!! Love the photos!