Monday, December 20, 2010

3 months

Hannah is such a sweet, happy, easy going girl! We just love her so much! She has figured out there is a world around her these last 2 weeks. It has been so much fun!She will watch me, smile big at me, and has even started to talk to me. She is still sleeping through the night which has been heaven sent. She eats at around 8 and goes right down and gets up between 7 and 7:30. I'm so glad she has kept that up for the last month. I just love our little girl so much! I can't believe she is already 3 months!

I love how when she smiles, her whole face and body lights up!

Dallin is such a great big brother. He loves to put his blanket on her. He will even put her paci in her mouth when she is crying. The other day, we were going for a drive and he wanted to hold her hand so she would sleep. She was tired and crying and he kept saying "It's okay Princess!" I just love our kiddos! Hannah has even started to smile at Dallin which just melts my heart.

Another cute smile from our Princess!

Hannah will just chill and be a good girl if I need to do a few things. Soemtimes I feel bad because I have 2 boys that still me and she doesn't always get the attention. Jacob is getting better and learned that I can't always hold him. All I have to do is talk to her if I'm doing something and she will look for me and when she finds me I get big smiles!!

Our cute Princess!!!


Amy said...

She's getting so big and what a cutie!

Wendi and Matt said...

3 months went by so fast!!! Cute pictures. Love ya!