Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Boys

We love our boys so much! They are so fun to watch play together. They are learning that playing together is fun. If I ask Dallin to do something he tells me no- they are playing!

Our boys enjoying their favorite- orange juice! I love their Christmas pj's! Jacob loves to say choo choo whenever we put them on. Dallin was so excited to open his after he saw what Jacob had.

We love you Dallin and Jacob!!

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Christa Johnson said...

I really enjoyed reading the past two blogs you wrote and getting caught up with your family. It looks like it is very cold where you are, but you guys seem to have a lot of fun inside. Your boys are getting way too old---matching jammies!! How cute!
and my favorite picture was all three of them in their Bass Pro Shop shirts!! (Our family calls it "Redneck Disneyland"! he he) We love that store.

Hope you are all feeling better now!