Thursday, June 24, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to our Sunshine Jacob!! I can't believe he is already 1! Time is flying and we are loving each day! Jacob sure is a sweet boy! He loves his older brother Dallin and loves to follow him around. They have a cute game they like to play. Jacob will touch a toy of Dallin's, look at Dallin, Dallin will laugh, and Jacob crawls away as fast as he can. They do it over and over again. They also like to play with Dallin's big car. Dallin will be in his car and Jacob will push the car from behind. Jacob can even keep up with Dallin when he gets going fast. There is a picture below. Jacob also loves to take baths, push cars and trucks around, eat otter pops, watch Baby Einstein dvds, snuggle with his blanket, and play with Daddy. Jacob also likes to throw things down and say uh-oh. It always makes me laugh! He has just started to take many steps on his own. He will, every now and then, let go of what he is holding and take several steps. He loves to practice walking between Ryan and I at night. If we get his feet planted he can walk almost to each of us and has even turned and taken a step or two. He will be walking with Dallin before we know it. We just love our Sunshine so much!!

Happy Birthday Jacob!!! We love you so much!!


Wendi and Matt said...

happy birthday buddy!!! miss you lots and love you!

Christa Johnson said...

how adorable! I can't believe he is already 1!! (you probably can't believe it either!)

Anonymous said...

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