Friday, May 6, 2011

One Crazy Week

This has been one crazy week at the Farr household! Ryan is back on shift work not by choice. Shift work consists of working 5 to 5 with some nights and some days. He has done this before and I always felt like our family life felt crazy. Ryan was always coming and going, sleeping during the day, and Dallin always missed him. But a job is a job and we are very grateful for it. I have some great friends here that are in my shoes and keep telling me they are here for me!! Gotta love friends. With Ryan having to sleep during the day at times, Hannah got kicked out of her closet room and the boys are now sharing. Ryan sleeps during the day in our closet. Hannah has done very well with the change. She now has a big room all to herself. No more clothes hanging around her pack n play but she was a trooper. She never complained. The boys- well- it has gotten better. It has been the hardest change for Jacob. He wakes up a couple of times during the night which isn't like him. It has gotten better as the week has gone on so that's good. It will just take time. As of now- who needs sleep anyways. I got a root canal done last week and it has been bothering me ever since. I saw the dentist yesterday for the next step and my temporary cap was probably too high causing pain. I wasn't sleeping great right along with Jacob. Hopefully our house will calm down and everyone will get back on track with sleeping. Onto fun news, Hannah is so close to crawling. It is so fun to watch her. She will be running before we know it!

This is my dear friend Christa with Hannah at our friends baby shower. Christa is the barvest person I know!! She has stage 4 breast cancer and is always so positive. You are my hero Christa!!


Jen & Blake said...

Oh! I hope that things get better as you find a new routine. What an awesome little family you are! Give those sweet kids loves from us, they are just getting too big so fast. I LOVE the pics, you guys did an amazing job!! Super cute:) We love and miss you all! Keep hanging in there:)

Christa Johnson said...

thanks for posting that picture. Your Hannah is sooo precious!!! It was sooo fun having you around so you need to tell us when you are here this summer so we can get together.
Love you guys!
And hopefully the new schedule will get easier for everyone very soon.