Tuesday, February 22, 2011

5 Months

This last Sunday, Hannah turned 5 months! She is getting bigger and getting such a cute personality. We love her so very much! We started her on rice about a week ago. She does really well eating it. She rarely rolls either way- just a few times from tummy to back in her crib. I wonder if she will roll from her back to tummy first. Sometimes when she is on her back she turns her shoulders to watch the boys. All she has to do is turn her hips and she will be over. But, she doesn't seem to care about rolling either way. She still loves to talk and I love to hear her voice. She is such a good, easy girl! We are so blessed she is in our family!

Hannah loves her swing. I think it's mostly because she can watch the boys. And can keep a better eye on them. She will smile and laugh at both boys but Dallin gets the most.

Our happy Hannah!

She loves to look at herself in the mirror. I love the huge smiles she gives herself.

I propped her up on Dallin's dog while we were playing. She was having fun talking up a storm that day!

I love this picture. Jacob loves to give her toys when I give her tummy time. He was playing with dominoes and wanted to share with her. Our sweet kiddos!

Hannah and I were having fun playing on our bed. We were both having lots of fun!

Our cute girl!!


Christa Johnson said...

Oh my goodness Kimberly!!! That is one BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!! She is soooo happy and smiley and her brothers are so cute with her!! Your such a great mommy!!! I love all your happy posts!!
Love ya,

Wendi and Matt said...

She is getting so big and fun! I am glad I was able to hold her for a bit while you guys were down!