Monday, February 28, 2011

Dallin is 4!!!

I can't believe Dallin is 4. It seems just like yesterday I was going through 18 hours of hard back labor but Dallin was well worth it. We love him so much and we are so blessed to have him in our family. One year ago, we took Dallin to the amazing place SARRC. We found out he has autism but they gave us the tools to help him. I was very impressed with SARRC. And now, Dallin talks up a storm. We are now working on pronunciation of words. I understand him the best while others struggle. Just this last Saturday, he started singing the ABC song. He loves preschool and so do I. He is a great big brother and loves to help with Jacob and Hannah. Dallin also loves to help me in the kitchen and help with anything Ryan is doing. He is still doing awesome with potty training which makes me so happy. I asked him a few questions and it was so cute to listen to his answers....
What's your favorite color- blue. What's your favorite thing to do- play with toys. What's your favorite thing to eat- chicken nuggets (I would have put money on toast). What's your favorite thing to drink- orange juice. What's your favorite thing to watch- Curious George. I sure love this boy so much! Happy Birthday Dallin!

6 lbs 2 oz and 19 and half inches

We love Nana!!

Our sweet Grandparents!

We love and miss you Grandpa Great! Dallin always kept a close eye on Grandpa Great.

Curls, curls, and more curls!! Ryan didn't want to cut them off.

Bye bye curls! I'm a big boy now!

Dallin makes me want to be a better Mom! I love the hugs, kisses, smiles, I Love You's, and snuggles I get. He is growing up way too fast! We love you Dallin Gary!!!


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the DeCampos Family said...

Oh Dallin Dallin Dallin. you have grown so much. You were such a stinker of a baby. You have become a big boy. Kenz and Boo love you lots and can't wait to have sleepovers with you again!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Dallin. Sounds like he had a great day!