Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dallin's Birthday Party

We had a little get together for Dallin's birthday last night. We invited a few friends. Dallin was so excited for his cake. That's all he talked about this week was his cake. The night before his birthday he told me he didn't want presents just a cake. Now he tells me but he loved opening his presents when the time came. There are lots of pictures with Dallin standing by his cake. I was getting so many cute smiles because he was so excited. I couldn't just pick one so I put many. He doesn't like me take his picture these days and won't smile for me. I loved all of these. We had a fun time eating cake and ice cream, opening presents, and then we did a few fireworks! It was a fun time!!

The happy birthday boy!!

This is Dallin's cake. This is all he wanted- vanilla cake with sprinkles in it and vanilla frosting with sprinkles. I tried to do more but that's all he wanted. It's his birthday so he got what he wanted.

Dallin got lots of fun presents! Now we have to find places for them all. He was so cute and kept asking if Santa brought him one. He was for sure Santa was going to bring him a present- we made sure Santa left a present.

Nana gave him a huge fire truck! He loves it and even ran to get a person to sit at the top of the ladder.

Our cute Hannah loving Dad's shoulder!

Jacob had lots of fun too!!! He was scared of the fireworks though- poor guy!


Amy said...

Isn't it so funny how all they care about at this age is the cake?? Seriously. Glad he had a fun day!

Christa Johnson said...

I just read your last two posts and they were sooooo great!!! I loved all the pictures! Never apologyze for putting in extra pictures, cuz I just eat them up!!! You have such a wonderful family and you are an amazing mom!

Wendi and Matt said...

Love all the pictures the post below too!! Happy Birthday D! We love you lots!