Sunday, March 20, 2011

6 Months

Hannah is 6 months already!!! Where is the time going?!! She's our beautiful girl with such a cute personality. Hannah loves to just hang out. She still loves to watch her mobile (her friends as I call it), loves to swing, play on the floor, and watch the boys!! We just pulled out our exersaucer this last week. She's a little unsure of it but I know she will love it- the boys love to play with it for her. She just eats rice but I'm hoping to start making her baby food soon and start her on that. She doesn't have any teeth but I think a few are moving. Her hair is coming in thicker but it's very light so it doesn't look like she has much. I'm curious if it will be like mine- strawberry blond. It looks like it just might be. We love this girl so very much! It's so fun to have cute pink things around our house! I still find myself looking at our family and am amazed at how blessed I am- 3 kiddos and an amazing husband that I love so much!

Hannah has just discovered her feet- so cute!

It's never too early to start brushing your teeth!

Hannah has just discovered her side and likes to sleep in that position. I found her one day like this. It looks so uncomfy but she was asleep.

Hannah got pretty sick with a 104 degree temperature. We are so glad she is starting to feel better!

Hannah loves paper- any kind of it. She loves to play with it!

Hannah in her exersaucer.

Hannah also likes to play with boxes too especially the boys chicken nugget box. I wonder if she can taste the food??!!

I now have to make sure I buckle her in her bouncer. She is a mover and I have found her half way out.

I don't know who loves who more!!!

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Wendi and Matt said...

Dallin is so sweet with her! What a sweet brother he is. She is so big and full of smiles!