Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jacob LOVES Chocolate

We have found out these last couple of weeks that Jacob LOVES chocolate!! We usually don't buy ice cream but when it is $2.25 how can you say no- and it was Dreyers. We gave the boys some after dinner one night. Dallin didn't eat too much of it. He's not a huge sweets fan. But Jacob was loving it. I had fun just watching him eat it. Jacob has also found my stash of chocolate for Young Womens. I got released as the Laurel Adviser and was put in a the Personal Progress Specialist. I tell the girls I don't like that name and to call me their BFF (Best Friend) because I'm here to help them with personal progress. Anyways, I bribe them with chocolate for bringing their personal progress book to church. Wow, what a little chocolate will do. Back to Jacob, he can open the door in our hutch and get into my chocolate. I need a new hiding spot since Ryan was the one that showed Jacob my stash when he had a sweet tooth. If Jacob is grumpy- chocolate usually solves the problem. Talking about all this chocolate is making me hungry!!!!

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Amy said...

How could he not love chocolate!! I was cringing while looking at the pictures because anytime my kids eat chocolate ice cream with out a bib on, I can't get it out of their clothes. So I hope it didn't get too messy and you got it out.