Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Big 02

Happy Birthday our little man-we love you so much!! I can't believe Dallin is already 2. He sure is growing up so much. I think back to these last 2 years and we wouldn't trade our life for anything. We have had a few challenges along the way. Dallin had a little harder time figuring out life his first year. But everyday we looked forward and was determined to help Dallin in every way possible. This last year so many things have clicked and Dallin is figuring out and loving life. These last few months I let Dallin make his own decisions when it comes to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and things he wants to do. He even picks his own clothes out. It's cute to watch him dig in his drawer for just the right shirt he wants. He knows which one he wants. He loves these camo pants he has and is mad when he can't find them because I am washing them. We know he will be a great big brother. Ever since I was 6 weeks along Dallin has given the baby kisses and loves. I know he understands. When we had our ultrasound at 7 weeks Dallin came with us. Just after the baby was on the screen he said baby. One night Dallin was giggling in his crib many times. We just said he was already playing with his brother. Dallin is so curious with many things. It's neat to watch him examine things and try to figure out how they work. We are so blessed to have Dallin in our life!! Happy Birthday Dallin!!!

We love you Dallin so much!! Thanks for making our life worthwhile and so much fun!

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The Murray's said...

that first one you can hardly tell its him! LOVE it! Happy birthday Dallin!!!!!