Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chickens and rabbits

This last weekend we went down to the valley. Dallin loves to go to Ryan's parents house. They have lots of chickens and rabbits. I know he would sleep with them if we would let him. No, we are not getting any chickens or rabbits right now. Grandma has tried to give us some many times.

Dallin was trying to feed them celery. They were more scared but he kept trying.

He loves to watch them. I know he wants to play with them.

Dallin had fun playing red neck golf with Grandma. Well, she played it and he would grab the balls.

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Go Farr Family said...

What a wonderful 3 years you two have had together we are so grateful to have Kimberly in our family - what a joy she is. Dallin has my heart strings tied so tight around his finger - he loves my chickens and rabbits and is so much fun to watch as he tries to understand what they want.