Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been meaning to post these pictures so here they go.
First, Dallin was really sick for a good week with a bad stomach virus. He threw up 2 days, wouldn't eat anything, and we had lots of snuggle time while watching his favorite show Caillou.

This picture says it all. He followed me into the bathroom and laid down on his blanket to wait for me. My poor little guy! It was hard to see him so sick.

Our little guy- the lab lady said she can already tell he has Dallin's nose. Dallin was with us because we headed to the valley right after. I'm just glad Dallin doesn't have the big Farr nose.

One of my favorite pictures- our little one's feet.

We rented a baby heart monitor. Dallin loved to help listen and would kiss my belly and lay his head on my belly. He loves his brother!!

After we found our baby Dallin loved to try to find his baby.

Me at 20 weeks. I need to get an updated picture. My belly has grown a little. I now feel pregnant and I love when Ryan looks at my belly and just smiles at me!!


The Murray's said...

woop woop!

Christa Johnson said...

you guys are soooo adorable!! I especially love the picture of Dallin trying to find the baby inside of him. How precious is that????!!!!!
And you finally look pregnant, yea!! Of course you are still so tiny and cute, not fair!!!!

The Graham Crackers said...

That's soo cool Kimberly! You are such a cute pregnant woman! Be proud of that. :) I hope Dallin is feeling better now, poor guy. How far along are you?

Julie Jan said...

How cute are those pictures of Dallin. I love the first one of him asleep on the floor! Your belly is so small. You will die when you see me!

The Graham Crackers said...

Of Course you can! I would love that! How fun, I teach the Miamaids! Aren't the Young Women the best? You guys are Awesome!