Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have had a few problems with Hannah's earrings lately. One of the backs doesn't want to stay on right. Last Sunday I got Hannah up from her nap, threw her dress on, and headed to 11 oclock church. I didn't notice til almost the end of sacrament that she was missing an earring. I decided to run home and see if I could find the earring so it didn't close up on us and be really hard to put back in. I also needed to get a paper for a YW leader I had forgotten. I searched everywhere. I was shocked to find the back but not the front. I still haven't even vacuumed with hopes I can still find it. So, I looked at my earrings. I don't really wear little studs and saw these. Hannah isn't too young to wear diamonds is she? These are special to me beacuse Ryan gave them to me for our first Christmas! Hannah dazzled the rest of church with these on! Yes, she did get compliments for all her jewelry. She usually has a necklace on for church.

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