Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emma Lacey

Miss Emma Lacey- as Jacob calls her- is our little sweetheart! This coming Tuesday she will be 5 months already! We finally figured her out and she has been on goat's milk the last 5 weeks. I make a formula for her just about everyday. Luckily living in St. Johns it's a lot easier to get fresh goat's milk than all the ingredients to the formula. She is finally our happy, easy going girl. She has been sleeping through the night the last couple of months. Sometimes though she rolls from her tummy to her back but has figured out she can roll to her side. She doesn't like sleeping on her back but her side is ok. She loves to watch the world and her big brothers and sister. She will smile at Jacob and Dallin- she was a little afraid of them for awhile beacuse they were always in her face and touching her. Hannah loves to have her right by her and will talk to her. The other day I was doing a few things and had put Emma on the ground by Hannah. I went to blow dry my hair and put Emma in her bumbo on the bathroom counter. Hannah came in and was whining. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I tried to give her a treat so I could get my hair done. She still wasn't happy. She started saying Emma, Emma and reaching for her. It dawned on me- she wanted Emma back by her. So, I put Emma in her bumbo on the floor in our bedroom so I could keep an eye on Hannah and put some toys by them both. Hannah was then happy. Emma loves to smile at anyone that will smile at her. We love this sweet girl so much!!

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