Monday, March 1, 2010

Santiago, Chile

What a scary while at our house after hearing about the Chile earthquake. As many of you know, Scott, Marjorie, and their three boys moved back there last year. Marjorie is from Chile. I was the one that told my mom about the earthquake and we did everything we could to get a hold of him. We finally got an email from him Sunday morning saying they were all fine. His house was good too just they didn't have power, water, or electricity. What a relief!!! We are waiting for him to get power so we can skype him and hear about their end of all this fun. We love you Scott and your family!

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Christa Johnson said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot that Scott and his wife moved to Chile!! We will pray for them and I hope they have their food storage in tact. I know they had just moved there, so that might not be on the top of their list.
We love you and your family!