Saturday, March 27, 2010

Choo Choos and Up

Dallin is such a cute boy! We had to go to Snowflake yesterday and then went in to Showlow to do our Walmart shopping. On our way to Showlow, Ryan ran over those little bumps on the side of the road that tell you to be careful. Well, Dallin stopped and said "Mamma choo choo!" The look on his face said it all. He LOVES choo choos. I wasn't sure where a choo choo was at first. Ryan did it again and Dallin said the same thing. For some reason, hearing that noise made Dallin think it was a choo choo even though we never saw one. Ryan did it many times and we would just laugh. Dallin was for sure there was a choo choo.

Dallin is such a tender hearted, sweet boy. He loves to watch the movie Up. He hasn't watched it in a while. Just after the choo choo, the part in the movie where the balloons pick up the house always makes Dallin cry. Yes, cry. I don't know why. I haven't watched that part but Ryan says it's not really sad. Dallin has watched that movie about 5 times and everytime that part comes he whines and then tears come. I guess to him it's not good to have balloons pick up your house. Dallin has such a tender heart!


Our Family said...

Thanks for your cute comments, I am so impressed with you and how you are with Dallin and his little triumphs! You are a great Mom!

Anonymous said...

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