Monday, March 8, 2010

Dallin's words

So we have been working hard on words with Dallin. It truly amazes me at how well he is doing. We owe it all to SARRC!! It just melts my heart when I walk into the room and when Dallin sees me he says "Hi Mommy." He will also come up to us and say eat when he is hungry. We were all laughing when we went to feed the ducks with Grandpa and Grandma last week. Dallin was so excited to see the ducks. After a while he started to say "Eat quack quacks." We would just laugh. I couldn't get him to say feed. It was eat to him. And to top it all off, we weren't even working on this word but he likes to say "Poop." When I am changing Jacob's diaper he always says Jacob poop. I know you are impressed. He has also learned the fun word No. I love when I get "no Mommy." But, at least he is using his words. We still have more work ahead of us but it's neat to see the progress and huge steps forward. We love you Dallin!!!


Wendi and Matt said...

I am so happy for him!!! keep up the good work d!

Christa Johnson said...

Hip Hooray!!! I knew he would get there!! You are such a wonderful mother!!!!!
Love ya!

Amy said...

YAY for Dallin! Now just wait till he learns "but why?" It is so annoying!

Boston Paynes said...

Its so awesome when our little ones do things that seem so simple for most kids. Savannah is having a few developmental struggles so I can totally relate to finding so much joy & excitement in the small things. Keep up the great work and way to go Dallin !!!