Wednesday, March 24, 2010

9 Months

This cute boy is 9 months today!! What a joy Jacob is in our family. This picture says right where Jacob is these days. His favorite thing to do is pull himself up. Whenever I am sitting on the ground he loves to pull himself up and stand next to me. He then loves to find the zipper on my sweater. He is getting better balance each day. Jacob is also the proud owner of 3 teeth. He has 2 bottom teeth and a top tooth has just broken through. The 2nd top tooth is so close but not coming through yet. He loves to follow Dallin around and he has to make sure he doesn't get ran over. He still does the Jacob crawl but has started to crawl correctly at times. He will do a few correct crawls forward and then goes back to what I'm sure is easier for him. We have been working on it with him so he will get better and faster. Jacob is also so social!! He will smile at everyone and anyone. All of the young women love when he comes with me to class. One Sunday Jacob wasn't happy and was crying in Ryan's arms. When they passed girls, Jacob stopped crying and smiled at the girls. Ryan had to laugh. We love this sweet boy so much!


Wendi and Matt said...

How cute!!!! He is growing everyday!

Christa Johnson said...

wow!! He is sooo old!!! What a cute kiddo.....
Love ya,