Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Staying Busy

Our family has been staying busy lately. We love being outside and enjoying the nice weather. One of Dallin's favorite things to do is grab his shoes and pull my hand to the door. He loves to go for walks outside. He usually wins and we go outside!!

Dallin has learned to open drawers while helping me in the kitchen. I thought it was so nice of him to help wash the clean dishes from the drawer.

I was trying to teach Dallin to sign but haven't done it in awhile. He knew what I was signing but never did it back. One day he started to sign "more." He does more lots now. It's so cute!! That's what he's doing in the picture.

Dallin loves the computer. He was trying to climb the chair but figured to just reach for it.

Last Sat we drove up to the mountains to listen to conference and enjoy the morning. It was really cold but was lots of fun.

I love this picture. Dallin loves his dad (so do I)!!

Poor guy- Dallin was playing with a ball and fell and his face hit the dirt. He got a bump on his forehead and was bleeding under his mouth. He didn't want any loves, just his ball to keep playing.


Christa Johnson said...

I loved the pictures! Dallin is getting so old and is soo stinkin' handsome!!! watch out girls!!!
Where did you guys go in the pictures? It looks beautiful!!!! Hope everything is going great there in good ole' Snowflake...

Go Farr Family said...

What a joy to see Dallin by picture. We sure miss having him so close to play with him. He sure does look like his dad-so handsome and that smile that makes any day happy