Monday, October 13, 2008

A First

Our Poor Dallin- he's pretty sick. He went from a little congested Sat morning when I got him up, to a runny nose Sun, to a horrible Sun night. Sat and Sun we had no signs of what a night we were in for. We knew he was getting a little cold but he was still happy and eating and taking good naps. We put him down Sun night at 7:45 and I checked on him at 8 and he was asleep. Ryan and I enjoyed our time together and we were just about to crawl into bed at 10 when Dallin started to cry. Let's just say that night Dallin woke up every 2 hours crying. It wasn't a big, let it all out cry- just a I don't feel good cry. At 3 AM, I went in to comfort him and he had a fever so I got him a drink. It was cold and I was tired from getting no sleep so I put him in bed with us. That's a first for us. I honestly would love to let him sleep with us but I don't want to start that pattern. My heart just went out to our little guy. When I first got into bed with him he didn't even move the first 20 min. But after an hour of him tossing and turning and kicking I knew he would sleep better and so would I if he was in his crib. He really didn't even cry just snuggled in his crib at 4:30 when I put him down. I hoped he would sleep in but just after 7 he was awake. The longest stretch he went last night was 2 and half hours before waking up. Our day has been full of Einstein dvds, snuggles, and Dallin just not looking like he feels good. I have a feeling Ryan is making dinner. It's always hard when little ones get sick.

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Amy and Ryan said...

I am sorry Drew got him sick. Blame Cindi, she started it with her girls! :) It is no fun and I have total sympathy. I hope he is feeling better tonight. The only bad thing about colds is you just have to let them run their course!