Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our Strong Family

So, I can't sleep and I can't believe I am sitting in front of the computer at 1:30 am. Here goes.. we had a doctors appt this mrng and we found out our precious, little one will not be joining our family at this time. After many tears, we decided to go to the hospital and we had a DNC done tonight. Both Ryan and I felt good with that decision. We have felt so much love and support from so many people. THANK YOU!! Thank you for the flowers, tears with me, and just loving our family. We know we can make it through this and we will!! I have to thank Ryan. He is my rock, my best friend, and cried with me today. I am so blessed to have him in my life. My Dallin... he makes me want to get up every morning and be the best mom I can. I didn't think I had any tears left inside me today but they keep coming. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and that keeps me strong. I know our family is eternal and that makes me smile at times like this. I just wanted to share and let you know that I love you!!

Please don't leave a comment. We have already felt so much love. Instead, please say a prayer for our family.

On a lighter side, Grandpa Great I didn't get to ride the train while I was out like you. Ryan and I talked about that before I left. We love you so much and hope you are feeling better!!!


the DeCampos Family said...

You think I am not gonna leave a comment....... You are such an amazing mother wife and sister. You are strong and this will make you even stronger. I am glad that you are my sister. Things like this makes us even closer even if you are 3 hours away. Much love to ya'll. Can't wait to see you next weekend. And I will make you some of those cupcakes, brownies and we'll get some mesa fro yo!! Love ya kimberly!

Jen & Blake said...

thinking and praying for your sweet family!

Go Farr Family said...

Our prayers are with you and Ryan.

Lulu said...

Hi Mrs. Farr! I hope you are having a great time in Snowflake. I always remember you as a great,genuine person. I ♥ your blog and your little boys pictures. I ♥ You so much! School is going great, I have Mrs. Cao! Remember you are the Best!

♥ your favorite student,
Lauren Peterson

♥ ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ Ya~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥