Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Dallin

We have had so much fun with Dallin. He sure is growing up!! A cute Dallin story- the other day I was making goulash for dinner. Dallin loves to be my helper in the kitchen so I usually pull up a chair next to me for him. He knows what is hot and will say it over and over. I was cutting up onions and green peppers. Towards the end, Dallin started to whine and I tried to hurry. As I put the vegetables in the pan my eyes started to burn from the onions. I looked down at Dallin who was still whining. His eyes were red and a little runny. He was rubbing them. Poor guy- his first experience with onions.

We love Dallin's cute smile!!

Dallin wasn't excited to get dressed for church but I think he looks cute. I got the top for $1.80.

On Saturday we went to the St. John's fair. We had lots of fun. When Ryan was in high school he entered several pigs into the fair. We came home with homemade bread, salsa, and peanut brittle.

Dallin loved all the animals but especially the horses. Whenever they made noise he would get so excited.

These pigs were so huge. Dallin wouldn't stand too close to them. He would just laugh and try to get away.

Of course he had to get a balloon and carried it everywhere.

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