Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Fun Being Sick

This last weekend, Ryan and I were so excited to get out of the valley and go to Snowflake. We were going to stay with his sister and go to 2 wedding receptions. I had to sub in an all day kindergarten class so we left when I got home. I don't know how those all day K teachers do it. I was tired. Dallin seemed happy during the day and took a good morning nap. As we left, Dallin's little cough turned into a deep, something to worry about cough. But, he did really well on the car ride. He took a 45 min nap in the middle and watched 1 baby einstein movie. He was a big boy through it all. When we got to the reception and got Dallin out, he had a fever. I just hoped a good night's rest was what he needed. He was happy to be free from his car seat at the reception. When we got to Lindsay's house and unloaded our stuff, Dallin started to cry and his voice seemed deep and hoarse. Ryan and I looked at each other- oh no! We gave him motrin and got him down by 8:30. An hour later he was awake and not happy. It was finally midnight when we got him back to sleep. I was sure he would sleep in till at least 8 but sure enough at 5:40 he was awake. Poor guy!! When he only slept for 30 minutes at 8:30 that morning we decided to pack up and leave. Our 48 hour trip turned into a 15 hour trip. He was really good on the drive home though. He watched einstein the whole way but would only sleep for a few mintues.

My poor guy on the way home! We were all glad to be home!!

We did lots of snuggling at home. It was hard for Ryan because all Dallin wanted was for me to hold him. He would turn if Ryan put his arms out.

We took him to Twilight hours at our doctor on Sat. Dallin ended up with croupe. It's a virus and a bad cough. His fever finally broke Sat night. We were so glad for that.

His blanket has always been by his side since he has been sick. He likes to play with the tag and I guess he even likes it in his sleep. We found him holding the tag last night. Whatever makes our little guy happy!!

On our way home from Snowflake, we stopped to see the snow. This was the first time Dallin saw snow. He didn't care much about it. He touched it and then went back to watching einstein.

We brought a cooler home filled with snow for Kennedy. Her and Hadlee had so much fun with the snow. When their dad came home they even had a snowball fight!!


Amy & Ryan said...

It's no fun being sick. I hope he is feeling better. Glad you took him in when you did. How do you cure it..antibiotics or just rest? Hope you have a better week this week!

Julie said...

I am sorry about your ruined weekend. Thank goodness for Twilight Pediatrics. Glad he is feeling better! What a great aunt for bringing snow home for Kenz.

Jen & Blake said...

Poor guy! That is one of the worst things babies get. Camden got it once each winter as a baby and it's scary:( Sorry we can't celebrate his birthday, but give him a big hug and a kiss from all of us! Can't wait to see the pics:)