Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love Ryan


He holds and honors his priesthood.

He worries about me.

He knows when to give me a hug.

He loves to snuggle (so do I).

He likes to help cook dinner.

He looks at me and says "Hi Beautiful" all the time.

He takes the garbage out.

He sends me texts to just say I love you.

He gets my door for me.

He has a huge heart.

Thanks honey for loving me and being you! I love you so much! I can't imagine my life without you! Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends and family. I have to say Happy Single's Day to a few. We love you all. Thanks Hadlee and Kennedy for the cupcakes and goodies.


Christa Johnson said...

I loved the tribute to your sweetie, I wish more of the world would be so enamored by their spouses!!!

the DeCampos Family said...

Oh you two love birds. What fun stuff about your man