Monday, April 11, 2011

Jacob Ryan

Our Jacob Ryan is such a sweet, cute little guy! He has the cutest laugh that always makes me laugh! This boy sure has grown both physically and emotionally. He didn't like to leave my side and I felt like he was going through the middle child syndrome already. There were some fun, hard days with this boy with his whining and crying. But, we both have made it and I just tried to have patience and show him I was there. I think with him getting 4 big molars back to back to back didn't help either. Getting his teeth are always a hard one for him too. Now, he sleeps so much better and is happier! He loves to help me do things and loves to clean ( I hope this keeps up). He also has the sweetest smile, likes to get into things, loves to play with Dallin, loves to watch Curious George, LOVES to do dishes, and loves to be rocked. We love our Jacob Ryan!!!

Jacob loves his pillow. He always ends up across it. As my mom says, it's softer this way!

Jacob LOVES to help me with the dishes. I now take his shirt off because it ends up soaking wet if I don't. I can't complain. Makes my job easier- I just have to put them in the dishwasher.

Jacob also LOVES chocolate!!! Can you tell?

This is just after Jacob got up from a nap and I was rocking him. Sometimes it's hard to wake up from a nap!!

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