Wednesday, April 20, 2011

7 months

Our Princess is 7 months today!!! We love her so much! This has been a big month for Hannah. She got her first taste of real food. She has eaten sweet potatos, carrots (she didn't really like), bananas, and pears. I still make her food and she loves it! I just have to remember to take it out of the freezer or it gets to be a pain to defrost. She also has just started to show signs of crawling this last week or 2. She will get on her knees and sometimes on her belly she goes backwards. I have tried to watch her but she doesn't always do it. She doesn't seem to push backwards but she will somehow get under the couch (yes I have a picture). A few times she has pushed forward. It will come and I can't wait to see what the boys will do. None of our kids have crawled till about 8 months so she is on track for our family. She still loves to smile and loves life. She loves when Ryan comes home from work and he starts talking to her. Her face just lights up the room and she starts looking for him. She loves her Daddy!! Yes, she already has Ryan wrapped around her finger. She loves to watch Ryan's ipod as he plays games and looks at pictures. She will sit in his lap for a long time just enjoying her daddy! Her hair has started to get very blonde and who knows what it will be like tomorrow. I'm still hoping for strawberry blond like mine. The boys are still really good with her. Dallin still asks to hold her and loves to talk to her. She will laugh really hard at him and it makes me smile! Jacob loves to play with her and give her toys. This last week or so she has found that her back or her side is how she likes to sleep. In the past, she would wake up on her back and not be happy. But now she pretty much sleeps through the night on her back. If I try to roll her over when she's asleep she doesn't like it and goes right back to her side or her back. She actually seems to have started to sleep in a little later so I guess her back is her favorite right now. Yes, she has me wrapped around her finger also. She is such a good girl and has lots of patience as I have things to do with 2 other boys and life to take care of. I love our Hannah Girl so much!!

Our cute Princess!!

Hannah loves to play on the floor. She was here and a few minutes later she was...

here! She doesn't like getting stuck under the couch. Mommy always saves her!

I love how she will cross her legs while playing- she's so cute!

Another huge, cute smile!!

Hannah's first bite of food! She loves it!!!

Our happy girl playing- she still is working on rolling from back to tummy. She can get to her side easy but all the way over is hard.

I love this picture- she's getting to be a big girl. She is pretty much sitting by herself.

I love this girl!

When I put Hannah in her bumbo I have to be careful what is around her because she will try and grab it. She really wanted the cool whip and she got it.


Christa Johnson said...

oh my goodness!! She is growing up soooo fast!!! She has got the createst smile ever! It goes right up into her eyes!!!
She is one beautiful girl and she looks a lot like you...lucky her!!!!
You are so great to keep blogging the memories so I can peek into your life. I love it!
Love ya,

Wendi and Matt said...

So fun!! I love this age. Love the pictures.