Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 24th

St. Johns has a huge July 24th celebration. This year Hadlee and Kennedy (Cindi's cute girls) came to play for the whole weekend. We met them halfway Thursday morning, played all weekend, then met them halfway again on Sunday. We all had so much fun and we decided we needed to do this more often. Plus, it was even more fun to get to spoil a couple of cute girls. Dallin loved them and loved that they slept on his floor. He cried on Sunday when the girls left. Enjoy all of the pictures from our weekend.

We love you girls!! Thanks for coming to play!!


Anonymous said...

i had a lots of fun. i love to play with you.

Christa Johnson said...

how fun!! I am so jealous! It looks like the girls had so much fun! Someday I WILL GET UP THERE!! How many hours is it from Phoenix to St. Johns???
Your boys are getting older so quick and I couldn't believe that Cindy can have kids that old!!