Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jacob's First Cupcake

I know I am so late in posting this, but this is Jacob having his first cupcake for his birthday. We had a fun get together with all of Jacob's cousins at my parents house. My mom found these cute little cupcakes for all the kiddos. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him (well mostly me) opening his presents. We had so many helpers it was so cute. They all wanted to help. Thanks everyone for all the fun stuff. Dallin thanks you too.

Jacob's first candle- Dallin was excited to get to blow out the candle.

Jacob loved the cupcake. I loved watching him eat it.

Jacob is all smiles!!

As you can see he loved it!

But he didn't care much for the frosting. That was left on the tray!
We love you Jacob so very much!!

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Christa Johnson said...

What a wonderful birthday!! Call me the next time you are in the Valley, I would love to get together!
p.s. that is one CUTE 1-year-old!