Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Girls and our Garden

Last week we planted our girls. I call our flowers my girls. I love taking care of my girls! We knew a storm was coming in but it didn't sound too bad and we had to go to Showlow to get my blood drawn. We probably weren't going back for 3 or 4 weeks. We were just so excited to plant the flowers but maybe we should have waited. The storm was pretty bad and the wind blew like crazy for a few days straight. Plus, we got some snow. We will probably lose a few girls but hopefully they will do well.

Dallin got his trucks ready to help plant the girls. You can see from this picture we even had 5 girls come back from last year!!

This is all of my girls. Yes, we had fun picking out flowers this year. Even Dallin kept saying more. The ones in the back aren't looking too good. I will post another picture in a few weeks and I know they will look better. As my mom said, they just need me to take care of them!!

This is one of my great finds! I got all 3 pots for $12. I loved them so we had to buy some more flowers. Dallin likes to help me move them in the sun every morning and then we put them back at lunch time. Dallin loves flowers also!!

This is my other great find! I got this wreath for $18. Ryan was tired of my red wreath. I love great finds!!! I did take the price tag off.

This is our garden. Ryan put straw down to help protect it from the storm. You can't see much but we are so excited for our garden. Ryan's favorite part is the middle box. It is all chilis!!! He came home with Dallin and a huge box of these with the hugest smile on his face. I had to laugh when Dallin wasn't too excited that Ryan destroyed his playground for his trucks. He loved playing in these boxes with his trucks and the dirt. He tried to get rid of some straw. That's why some is on the ground by the first box. He kept pointing to it and saying out. I had to laugh.


Amy said...

Where did you get your pots at? Your flowers look great. I wish we could plant flowers but they die, we have tried many times. The sun kills them before they even have a chance!

Christa Johnson said...

Wow! what a beautiful yard you have!! I love, love, love all the flowers and I think your door wreath is to die for. Where did you get it???
You sure must have a great thumb.
p.s. our new house has a guest bedroom for you to come and stay with us anytime!!!
Love ya,