Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dallin Gary

So I always update Jacob each month and thought it was time for lots of pictures of Dallin. Dallin is so much fun! He is our big helper in the kitchen. Anytime one of us is making something, Dallin will get his stool and be right next to us. He loves putting spices in but we have to be careful it's not too much (Ryan has learned that the hard way with eggs and salt). He still doesn't like the sound of the mixer and ran out of the kitchen yesterday and sat right next to me when Ryan pulled it out to make cookies. Ryan ended up mixing it by hand so Dallin would come back in. Dallin doesn't like most loud noises and sudden, unexpected ones really scare him. He loves going to nursery and helping to get the water for the other kids. As you can tell, Dallin loves to help. And he LOVES Jacob. He doesn't like when I pick Jacob up when they are playing. He will keep saying "Play Jacob". We are still working on playing nicely with Jacob. That's a hard part of his autism. He was doing really well and it seemed like we went backwards after he got sick with a bad cold. But, we are working on getting back on track and not pushing. He does a good job of saying help when Jacob is getting into his stuff when he doesn't want Jacob touching his toys. Dallin still loves puzzles, books, being with Dad outside doing "boy things", taking baths with his boats, watching Caillou and Noddy, and playing with Jacob. He has just discovered that cheese crisps are a good thing. He is still a very picky eater but I can get him to eat that which is new. He is doing great with his words. We work on them everyday. He also lately has this thing with calling little things "baby". It started to snow the other day and he kept saying "Baby snow". If we see little rocks he says "Baby rocks". Dallin is our Dallin and we love him so very much. We are so glad he is in our family and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he blessed us with Dallin. We love you Dallin!!!

Dallin having fun!!!

Dallin can play with his trucks anywhere and he will always have fun and be happy!

I made blueberry muffins the other day. It took a while but I figured out he was eating the blueberries and putting it back for another one.

Our cute Dallin that we love!!!

As you can tell, we bought a lot of flowers. Dallin kept going around the table and kissing the flowers and saying hi to them.

Dallin and Ryan were outside the other day working. Dallin wanted to wear Ryan's hat so Ryan got him an old hat of his and put it on him. Dallin wouldn't take that hat off. He loves that hat and will put it on when they go outside to work.

Jacob was taking a nap, I was in the bath, and Dallin snuck into the candy shelf. He got up but couldn't get down. I laughed when I came out and found him there. This is the first time he was being sneaky.

Dallin and his cousin, Hadlee, walking to Walmart. He loves Hadlee and will say "Play Hadlee" now. I always feel bad when I have to say no. He also loves to get a picture with her on it and look at it. When I say her name , he will just smile and give her kisses. We miss you Hadlee!!

Our boys playing in the car!!

Dallin with Ryan's cowboy hat on!

We found Dallin sleeping like this the other day! I guess he was comfy.

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Amy said...

What a big boy he is becoming. Drew loves Noddy too!! I wish it were longer than 10 min.