Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cute Jacob

Jacob is so cute! I forgot to post these pictures on Jacob turning 10 months so here they are.

I had just put Dallin down and Jacob and I were playing. Jacob goes down 30 min after Dallin's nap. All of a sudden Jacob turned and headed right for Dallin's room. He stood up all by himself and even was hitting the door with his hand as if to say let me in and play Dallin. It was a precious moment. They both love each other so much!!!

I don't know why but Jacob likes to crawl into the family room the hard way. He will try to squeeze between the couch and rocking chair. Even if he doesn't fit, he squeals and tries so hard to fit. I guess going around the chair is too easy.

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Christa Johnson said...

what cute pictures! It's so great when your kids start to depend on each other.