Monday, May 24, 2010

11 Months

Jacob is 11 months today!! I can't believe he is almost 1. It feels like just yesterday we were being pulled over for speeding to get to the hospital- love ya Honey!!! Jacob has had a fun month. He loves to stand and push Dallin's big trucks and garbage truck. He still likes to crawl and push his little cars and trucks around. He's been doing that for 2 months now and amazes me he already figured that out. He pushes things all around the house these days. Jacob will also now pull himself up and let go. He will stand for 10 seconds or so. He has been doing that for a week or so. He also will walk while holding on to just one hand. He is getting close to walking. It will be so cute to see our 2 boys walking and running around. Jacob only got 1 tooth this month. He now has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth. Although I think a molar is trying to come up. We know when Jacob is teething and he's been acting that way the last 2 days. We just love our Sunshine and thank Heavenly Father he blessed our family with Jacob!!

Jacob doing one of his favorite things- pushing something around!

Jacob is close to walking by himself.

Jacob is talented. He got this cheerio stuck on his nose.

I wish I was really good and had taught Jacob to fold his arms. We aren't there yet. Maybe he was just practising but I thought it was so cute!

Again- pushing, pushing, pushing!

I have to laugh- Jacob loves to crawl outside. One day he took off and didn't look back. He will crawl under the truck and everywhere. He hasn't gone in the dirt yet. It's kind of funny because when Jacob tries to escape Dallin will say "Jacob in house" a few times.

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