Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tally and Colby

Tally and Colby came to spend the night at our home last week. We love them and had so much fun!! Dallin was sad when they had to go home. We need to do this more often.

We had lots of fun playing Monopoly. We stayed up till 11:15 playing and had to finish in the morning.

We made yummy brownies and they had fun frosting them and getting all gooey!

We made some birdhouses.

I think we looked for Easter eggs for 2 hours. They didn't want to stop and loved the hard places Ryan found.

Tally is going to be a great big sister! She took Dallin's hand as we ran to the store.

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Go Farr Family said...

What a joy to see all of them together - We appreciate your being there for Lyndsay during her time of great care. Tally and Colby so miss you guys. So do we miss all of you