Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mills Mall Aquarium

Last week while we were in the Valley we went to the neat aquarium at Mills Mall. We decided to splurge and we all had fun! There are a lot of pictures but we had to get our money's worth! Hannah was perfect sitting in the stroller watching everything! Jacob thought it was really cool and kept pointing to everything. Dallin loved it till half way through and got scared of the dark (half dark) rooms and kind of eerie music. He kept covering his ears. But I know he had fun. Ryan and I just loved making memories as a family! Enjoy the pictures!!!


Amy said...

Looks like everyone had fun...we need to do this one of these hot summer days!

Wendi and Matt said...

Wow super cool!!! Love the pictures <3

Lulu said...

Hey its Lauren Peterson your student from a long time ago. Yesterday your husbands parents took the young women and young men to the lake. It was super fun. They moved back into there old house so anytime your over there come visit! I miss you!