Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jacob

Our sweet Jacob is 2 today!! Happy Birthday Jacob! It has been so cute listening to Dallin sing Happy Birthday to Jacob all day today! Jacob has a tender heart and is our sweet boy that loves to give me hugs, wants me to rock him, play with Dallin, play with Daddy, do the dishes, flush the toilet ( I'm not kidding- he will stand there till I make him stop), count to 10 pretty well, read books, and eat chocolate! His big love is Curious George. If I ask what to watch that is all he says. For his birthday we got him a cute George shirt. He already had one but was getting too small. When he wears his George shirt he will point to it all day long and say look George. He gets so many compliments on his cute red hair. He probably won't love his red hair when he's older but we think it's cool. We just love this sweet boy and are thankful he is in our family. Jacob is so special and we love him so much!! Happy Birthday Jacob!

For his birthday Jacob got lots of fun Weeble toys to play with. He thought they were all fun! Thanks for all of you that thought of Jacob today!


Wendi and Matt said...

Love the pictures!!! Happy birthday Jacob!!! We love you!

Christa Johnson said...

that is one cute and worn out two year old!!!!!! I LOVE his Curious George obsession!
Love you guys.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!