Friday, June 24, 2011

9 Months

Last Monday, Hannah turned 9 months! She still is our happy Princess that we love so much. These last couple of weeks have been so much fun with Hannah. She crawls everywhere and really explores. I had to laugh the other day when Hannah was kind of chasing after Jacob crawling towards him. Jacob kept saying Hannah was getting him. He didn't like that Hannah wouldn't leave him alone. Ryan and I both just laughed. She also can go from crawling to sitting and sitting to crawling and does that with ease. It didn't take her long to get to be a pro with that. She also loves to crawl to me, get to her knees, and now loves to pull herself up to her feet. She's not very steady on her feet but look out walking. Oh my little girl- she always makes me smile! She still doesn't have teeth and is getting a little more red in her hair. She is starting to thin out with all of her crawling. I just love this girl so much. I love seeing this beautiful girl with such a cute personality begin to really understand life!!

At my mom's house getting to her knees.

Hannah loves when she finds things Jacob leaves on her level. He sits at the table but will get down and take his things with him. He will learn that Hannah will find them.

Silly Hannah! Every now and then she sucks on her paci like this!

I love you Hannah Nicole!

At my mom's house Hannah loved to crawl to the front door and watch the world. Monday would sometimes join her.

Eating crackers- she can't wait for real people food. She stares at my plate when I eat.

Hannah has figured how out to clap her hands- so cute!

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