Saturday, July 4, 2009


...Jacob Ryan!!! I know this is so late. We don't have internet and it has been a little busy at our house. Jacob joined our family Wed, June 24, at 3:43 am. He weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 inches long. He is perfect in every way. We love this sweet boy so much!! Jacob's labor was so easy and very different from Dallin's labor. I had horrible back labor for 18 hours with Dallin. With Jacob, we went to the hospital and my doctor broke my water at 10:30 the night before. My contractions weren't that bad at that point and it wasn't back labor. But yes, I did get an epidural. He came 5 hours later after 15 min of pushing. I had to laugh because at 3 am I was already at a 10 and told not to push- whatever I do don't push until the doctor got there. I went from a 6 to a 10 in about 30 min. That was a long 20 min wait for my doctor to get there. He came out with a good cry and I knew our Heavenly Father had blessed us with one amazing little boy!! He is such a cuddler and a snuggler. We love our Jacob Ryan so much!!

Dallin is a great big brother. The first thing he wanted to do is to hold him and hug him and give him loves. He is always so soft with Jacob. It was so sweet when Dallin gets down at Jacob's level and in a soft voice starts to talk to him. They are already best friends.

A great story for Jacob to know.... on our way to the hospital we did get pulled over. It's about a 45 min drive to the hospital. My contractions weren't that strong and were every 5 to 10 min apart. Ryan was just excited and nervous. He was going 83 in a 65. The cop saw our stuff in the back seat and saw me and said he figured. But, he still took our stuff and went back to check us out. He did give us a warning and all I could do was laugh!! Poor Ryan- he will never live this down!!


Christa Johnson said...

wow! Wow! Wow! and hooray!!!! You had your baby on my son, Lund's birthday, thanks for doing that, I know it took a lot of effort to get it just on that day! He! he!
I am so glad that Jacob is here so you can feel better and you can hold him in your arms and know that he is safe!!!
And what a beautiful baby boy and what an awesome big brother! Truly a blessing!!

Liz said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! That is a great birthday, by the way, it has always been good to me! :)

Jen & Blake said...

What a doll!!! He is adorable, I can't wait to hold him. And Dallin is a natural! Love that he gets down and whispers to him.
Ryan, that is awesome! Glad you got a warning. Take good care of each other, we love you guys!!

Jen & Blake said...

Oh and the shirt on Dallin from Ryan is just as cute! I came across mine the other day, but I don't think mine would be as cute on my boys:~

Hansen Fam said...

He is such a ctuie!!! He is so tiny!! Can't wait to hold him again!

Lulu said...

This is your Student Lauren,
I have not seen your blog in forever. And guess what??? When I opened the blog up i saw a beautiful cute little boy right in front of my face. I am going into 6th grade now!!!!! i am soooooooo excited!!!!! Well, I hope you have an enjoyable life. And i am just wondering if i can get your email to keep in touch with you. I am making a blog and I want to give you the name of it. . You mean so much to me. i hope you are having a fun and exciting life...... Wait, Why wouldn't you be. You have your husband and your boys and much more miracles.


the DeCampos Family said...

He's a keeper!!! We need an update though!!!