Monday, July 20, 2009

Dallin Gary

We love our Dallin. He sure is growing up and becoming a great BIG brother. He loves Jacob and loves to go up and pat his head. I love this boy so much!! This is just some of the fun we have with Dallin.

Dallin loves trucks and tractors. He was loving Grandpa's big tractor!!

We have 1 oclock church. Dallin didn't get a nap that Sunday and fell asleep in Ryan's arms at 8:15 that night. We were shocked.

Dallin is all boy! We planted a garden and I came around the corner and found Dallin loving all the dirt and compost. Ryan had told him to lay in it so he did. Ryan just smiled!!

Dallin sure loves Papa!!

Don't mess with Dallin- he's COOL!!

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