Sunday, August 5, 2012

3 Months

I'm a little behind these days. Emma is 3 months and a little over a week. We have had plenty of ups and downs lately with Emma. We played the formula guessing game to which one would be best for her tummy since my plumbing doesn't work. We have always known her tummy was bothering her. She would get so upset. We finally figured out she has reflux. I was a little annoyed at my doctor it took so long but it is so nice to have an answer to all of our fun. We put her on medicine and then after doing research and talking to a few people we took her off the medicine and we now put powder enzymes in her bottle. The enzymes is what her tummy needs to do it's job. The medicine was just masking the real issue. Overall, I feel like we are on the right track. She has been happier and takes better naps. We still have had a few times where she will cry in pain but it has been nothing like before. I feel so bad for our little Emma. I just hold her tight and tell her I would take her pain if I could. She has been so much fun lately. She will give me huge smiles and will laugh. Emma is a sweet girl that we love so much!

Emma now has some bling bling in her ears!!! And she loves her friend Clifford which helps to hold her paci in- greatest invention. It really does help just might look a little funny with a big red dog right there.

Our happy girl 2 days ago!!!

Emma loves to watch her friends!

Emma slept all through the 24th parade. SHe loved snuggling with Uncle Joe!

Emma also loves to sit and watch the kids play. She's never left alone too long. Jacob or Hannah always have to make sure she is ok.

PS- I post pictures more often on Instagram for those of you that do it. It's so much easier. Just look up my name!!


Christa Johnson said...

looks like you guys are doing well. I hate the formula/reflux battles...arrrrggggg! Good luck, such an adorable 3 month old!
Love, Christa

Amy said...

Glad you got it all figured out. She's getting so big!!!

Wendi and Matt said...

How cute!! Love her!