Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jacob is 3!!

Our sweet Jacob is 3 today!!! Jacob is our snuggler, helper, teaser, big brother that we love!! He has a cute personality with a tender heart. He is so worried about Emma and talks to her in a high voice. He is also learning that Hannah is fun and doesn't always get into his things. Jacob tells me all the time that Dallin is his best friend. He loves to help in the kitchen, carry in groceries, get things for me, and give me a kiss anytime I need one.

I love Jacob's smile!! It always melts my heart!

I love when this boy comes up to me and says he needs me and sits right next to me. He has always been my snuggler and hopefully always will be.

Jacob is my biggest helper when it comes to Emma. He loves to pick out her onesie for the day, get her brush, even throw away her diaper. He is always coming up to her and giving her kisses and loves. He gets so excited when she gets up from her nap.

My cute Jacob!

Jacob always loves treats! All the kids were loving ice cream on a hot day!

Jacob had so much fun picking out his birthday present. He picked this blue race car and made noises of a car the whole way home.

Happy Birthday Jacob!! You make me be a better mom and I thank you for that. Thanks for joining our family! Dad and I love you lots always and forever!

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Wendi and Matt said...

How cute!!! Happy Birthday Jacob!!!