Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Weeks

Emma Lacey is already 2 weeks today! She is such a good, sweet girl. We all love her so much! She takes pretty good naps and gets up 2 times during the night. It's so fun to watch the boys be so worried about her and show they love her! Hannah still isn't too curious with her unless she is getting all the attention and not her. We are having lots of fun at our house with 4 fun kiddos!!

We might have a red headed girl- my fingers are crossed but you never know!

My big helpers!!! Jacob has really surprised me with how soft and sweet he is with her. He will come in just to check on her and want to know where she is. He will go up to her and talk in his sweet voice to her.

Dallin always wants to hold her and give her kisses!!


Wendi and Matt said...

2 weeks already!!! I need to meet her real soon!

Amy said...

I can't believe she is already 2 weeks. That went by way too fast. I'll keep my fingers crossed she keeps her read hair.